frequently asked questions

Mud Commander Steel Center Pivot Wheel

How much does the Mud Commander weigh?

At 315 lb. the Mud Commander weighs about the same as an 11.2x38 standard tire and wheel assembly.

How is the Mud Commander shipped?

The Mud Commander ships LTL frieght on a 4x4 pallet. 

Why doesn't the Mud Commander use a standard rim?

The Mud Commander's one-piece construction allows for a self-cleaning effect that keeps mud in the pivot track instead of pushing it out and making pivot tracks deeper.

Why does the Mud Commander use steel pipes instead of angle iron?

The Mud Commander uses a rounded steel  cleat to allow cushioning upon take-off to prevent undue stress on the drive-train. Unlike our competitors wheels that use sharp edged cleats without any cushion allowance which commonly causes premature gearbox failure.

What brand/model of pivots does the Mud Commander work with?

The Mud Commander works on all brands/models of center pivots with an 8 bolt wheel pattern.

Does the Mud Commander come with a warranty?

Yes, the Mud Commander comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Mud Commander Steel Center Pivot Wheel

Where is the Mud Commander Manufactured?

The Mud Commander is proudly made in the USA.

Why does the Mud Commander come with a steel reinforcing ring?

The increased stress from large diameter center pivot wheels on the wheel hub can be problematic so we added a reinforcing ring to prevent failure.

Can I become a dealer for the Mud Commander?

Yes, we are currently considering applications to become a Mud Commander dealer. If you are interested in becoming a dealer you may contact us at 402-300-3113 or use the contact form on this page. 

Does anyone else use the Mud Commander Design?

The Mud Commander design is patent pending and currently only available through Irrigation Listings.

Does the Mud Commander work with standard duty gearboxes?

The rounded cleat design of the Mud Commander allows just enough cushioning on startup to prevent damage to the structure and drive train.

Do I need to put Mud Commander wheels on every tower?

The Mud Commander can be installed on one or as many towers as needed.

Mud Commander Steel Center Pivot Wheel

Can I buy the Mud Commander direct?

Yes, the Mud Commander can be purchased directly from 

How long has the Mud Commander been around?

The Mud Commander was developed and tested over 3 irrigation seasons to insure proper operation and long life.

Does the Mud Commander come in more than one size?

At this time the Mud Commander is only available in the 48" model.

Does the Mud Commander put additional stress on the center pivot?

The Mud Commander was designed to allow initial slippage preventing damage to the center pivot. 

Can the Mud Commander be used on corner machines?

The Mud Commander is currently being tested on corner machines to determine performance.

What soil types does the Mud Commander work in?

The Mud Commander has been tested in sand, sandy loam, and clay soil types with great success.

Mud Commander Steel Center Pivot Wheel

How tall is the Mud Commander wheel?

The Mud Commander is 47-1/2 inches tall. Its diameter is similar to a standard 14.9 x 24" tire and wheel assembly. This is important to remember when calculating sprinkler timing charts.

What advantage does the Mud Commander have over rubber tires?

The Mud Commander wheel will not rot in the sun like rubber tires, never go flat and only need to have the lug nuts torque checked once per year. "Never replace another tire again."

What advantage does the Mud Commander have over other airless tires?

The Mud Commander self-cleaning design with round cleats prevents stress on pivot drive-train while keeping mud from being pushed out of the track. The Mud Commander also has no moving parts to fail.

What is the recommended torque specification for the Mud Commander?

We recommend you torque to 140 foot pounds. We also recommend checking torque once per year.